The history of the school

The Vigraha School has now set a clear course for training professionals
and for continuous professional development

Initially Sergei Gennadievich read the “At-home astrologer” course in Mariupol. It was an introductory course. Yes, it was interesting, not in-depth, but sufficient for home use. But once, after a lecture in one of the Ukrainian cities, a student came to Sergey Gennadievich and asked him to read a short course on astrology. At first it was unclear how anyone could lecture on astrology over the internet! Still, it was decided to give it a try. The lectures began online, and it was as if everything worked out by itself. Amazing solutions and answers to obscure questions about distance learning were found. And when everything works out so well without any difficulties – it is always a sign. So the first course took place, then the second, then the third. Now the eighth course is about to start!

The school is now developing towards training high-level professionals. You should not assume that our school is narrowly focused. On the contrary, the school’s curriculum is designed to provide students with knowledge in many areas. For instance, a programme of four of these areas is ready now. The programme is not just ready, it has already been read and tested. These are four different disciplines. There will be more of them every year.

We will lift the veil a little bit and share with you information for a smaller circle: many more programmes are ready in different directions. But they have not been read, nobody has heard of them yet. They have been thoroughly prepared for many years, every step and term has been prescribed and connected with other disciplines. We, dear colleagues, can say that we are now standing on the foundation of the development of a new, unique school for the professional study of life sciences.

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Часов лекций




Населённых пунктов

Transcendental readings

Educational course on the study of the Scriptures and review of world religions on a charitable basis

with Kurdyumov Sergey Gennadievich


Mentoring system

The VIGRAHA School of Predictive Disciplines has a unique mentoring system to support students at all levels. Senior students help junior students to practise what they have learned, answer questions and jointly clarify and deepen their knowledge in all disciplines on a free-of-charge and flexible basis. This creates a special learning atmosphere and a shared school spirit. By working in tutorial groups, students get individual practice, a deeper immersion in the subject, and at the same time they review the course topics and the material they have learned.


VIGRAHA School Social Vector

The Social Vector is a project of Vigraha School which aims to spread and popularise Knowledge. The project includes webinars – ONLINE lectures, trainings and meetings with the school teachers, students, colleagues and like-minded people.

Seminar topics can be completely different: from personal growth and family relationships to the specifics of yogic practice and the basics of Astrology, Ayurveda and Vastu. The lectures are structured in such a way that any interested seeker will find answers for themselves, even if they were completely unfamiliar with the topic before.

All webinars are free and open access, i.e. open to everyone.

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