Project Description

The Social Vector is a project of Vigraha School which aims to spread and popularise Knowledge.

The project includes webinars – ONLINE lectures, trainings and meetings with the school teachers, students, colleagues and like-minded people.

Seminar topics can be completely different: from personal growth and family relationships to the specifics of yogic practice and the basics of Astrology, Ayurveda and Vastu. The lectures are structured in such a way that any interested seeker will find answers for themselves, even if they were completely unfamiliar with the topic before. The next advantage is online lectures – not recorded – so you can always ask the teacher questions that are important for your understanding directly. But if you do miss a meeting, you can always watch the recording in a public domain later.

All webinars are free of charge and openly accessible to all. And since the aim of the project is to spread knowledge, the information in the webinar is presented in an accessible, open and complete manner, according to the plan and topic of the lecture. This is not an advertising move to sell the school’s products, but rather a charitable activity to spread Vedic, Esoteric knowledge and other useful information for the modern seeker.

You are welcome and encouraged to share these entries with your friends, family and acquaintances.