• If you do not plan to install the programme:

For those who wish to join a one-off webinar on the Zoom platform, it is possible to do so directly in your browser.

To do this:

  1. follow the link given to you by the seminar organiser.
  2. in the seminar download window, click on: “Start from your browser”
  3. enter your password if required by the system. This will be sent to you by the organiser.
  4. perhaps work on the sound settings (bottom left-hand corner of the screen).


  1. You need to install the software

Here is a link to install it on a computer:


Links for mobile devices:

Google Play
App Store

When you follow the link, the browser will load the ZoomusLauncher.exe programme. Run this programme. The ZoomMeetings software will be installed.

This is the right software, which is needed for normal video quality, as well as resistance to connection failures, because the recording is done on the speaker side, regardless of the state of the Internet.

So we can get a quality recording even with a poor connection.

Your browser may ask you: “Open ZoomMeetings?”, you click “Yes” – and enter the programme.

Enter your name and city in the name line, and your email address in the email line.

The speaker needs these details to work properly. Please use the correct name!

For mobile devices, or cases where the system asks for an ID, you should use it. For example it might look like this: 808725166

If something went wrong: it won’t connect, asks questions you don’t understand – close the programme and follow the link again.

  1. Programs for mobile devices

You may follow this link and your tablet/phone will ask you to install a program.

But it is better to download ZOOM yourself BEFORE. Then, when you follow the link, choose Join Meeting, and the programme starts automatically.

Or run the ZOOM software yourself and insert the Meeting ID (our webinar number) there.

This option is the easiest.

Enter your name and surname in the name line and your email address in the email line.

In the software, touching the bottom of the screen activates a menu. There you can go to the chat, the “Questions and answers (Q&A)” section

You can move the screens left and right with a tap. There are different display modes there too.

The good news is that the desktop demo is available on all devices.

  1. Features of using the chat room

By default, chat messages are sent by you only to the presenter.

Please use the button above the chat message input line to select the option: To: All panelists and attendees. This will allow everyone to see your messages. That is, in fact, what we need.

The same button can be used to send a private message to a selected user. But make sure your general questions are sent to: All panelists and attendees

  1. If something has gone wrong:

If the program does not connect to the service, asks incomprehensible questions – close it and go through the link again. As a last resort, try to restart your computer/phone.

Peculiarity of the program on Android – with the speaker of the device switched off the sound continues to go through a speaker of the phone. You get a slightly audible chatter from there. This is clearly a bug, ignore it.

Regards, Tech Support Team