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New enrolment in Vigraha School for numerology course (2022-2023)

Each of us learns to read and write, at least a bit of drawing, a bit of singing, and have an idea of rudiments of music. Like these, knowledge of the esoteric disciplines is essentially the basic level of a civilized person. In order to be able to read not only what is written in the book, but also the signs that Destiny gives us on the road of our life. We are looking at weather forecasts for something, aren’t we? We don’t want to be caught by surprise in the pouring rain or frost, do we? So astrological and numerological forecasts allow us to see, what waits for us? Where can you build a safety net? Where is it more harmonious to pass those trials which will fatally occur in our destiny?

The course starts from the very basics, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve had any previous experience of the predictive disciplines. For those who already have some knowledge, it will be interesting and informative to delve into deep philosophy, unique techniques as well as general issues relating to esoteric knowledge.

Why numerology?

Many students who come to our school often have the question: «Can we skip Numerology and study Astrology right away? ». The answer is definitely «No».

First of all, Numerology is not so simple, and when students start to get into it, they understand its versatility, depth, and ability to take the information it provides. Just knowing your date of birth, first name and surname can provide a wealth of information for a deep analysis.

However, we study it as much in depth also since numerological techniques are much easier than astrological ones. And bracing against these simpler formulas, than in astrology, we study philosophy of predictive disciplines during numerology lessons. If you don’t understand philosophy, you’ll never get serious information. Our school has a so-called 12-ray numerological crystal. It’s quite magnifical amount of information that Numbers can give us.

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What do I need to enroll in a numerology course?

All those who wish to learn should provide their data:


This information is needed in order to clarify: does a person have access, permission from on high to study these sciences? Will a particular person be harmed by this knowledge?

The study of esoteric sciences should be approached with utmost seriousness and responsibility. It can be of great help and do severe damage to personality alike. Therefore, before becoming a student, you should undergo an “absentee interview” in the form of a birth data analysis.

How does the course work?


Duration of training –  Academic year (~9 months) on the ZOOM platform. Classes are held once a week, lasting approximately 3 hours ~ 3 hours ~ 34 online meetings with the lecturer. Starting in October (please note that due to the war in Ukraine, the course launch may be delayed due to unpredictable circumstances). Instructions for using ZOOM are here


Class recordings will be available in personal accounts on the Vigraha School website. Therefore, if for any reason you were unable to attend the online meeting, you will have the opportunity to listen and study the material later on your own.


В школе существует The school has a mentoring system, an opportunity for additional and free tuition on a flexible schedule. Working in tutor groups, students get individual practice, a deeper immersion in the subject, while working through the topics of the course and the material covered at the same time.


Individual approach to everyone. You will have online support, a group for discussing your lessons on Telegram, where you can also ask your teacher questions, talk to fellow students and get the latest news and announcements.


The course starts from the very basics, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve had any previous experience of the predictive disciplines. Under-age can learn from 14 years of age with parental consent. On your own, from the age of 16.


Our school has a special 12-ray numerological crystal. After completing the first course, the Vigraha School gives a certificate of education, иand you get an opportunity to start counselling.
New knowledge – new perspectives!


The price of the course (academic year of study) is 470 US dollars.
The amount payable in hryvnia is determined by converting the currency equivalent at the official NBU rate.

Tuition is per academic year (course). Payment per semester is possible. The fact of payment constitutes admission to the course.

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Course lecturers

Kirill Krayev
Kirill KrayevNumerology teacher at Vigraha School.
Consultant in numerology and astrology.
Student at Vigraha School. Junior course supervisor. The best curator of the year. Engaged in self-knowledge and research of a person’s inner structure, study of sub-personalities, motives of behaviour, life attitudes and stereotypes.
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Sergey Kurdyumov
Sergey KurdyumovLecturer in numerology, astrology, chiromancy, psychosomatics, physiognomy.
Founder and mastermind of Vigraha school of predictive disciplines.
Specialist in modern and ancient medicine, Ayurveda, psychosomatics, Eastern and Western astrology, numerology, chiromancy, physiognomy.
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Numerology First Course Programme

  • The 12 basic rays of the Numerology Crystal.
  • Karmic debts.
  • Karmic lessons.
  • Governing numbers.
  • Types of expression (analyzing one’s destiny in the language of numbers through the rough, mental, emotional and spiritual types of expression).
  • Predictive Numerology:
    • the “numerology” of life periods.
    • personal biorhythms and their definition (description of the rhythm of each day, month, year).
  • Practical sessions with the Teacher and in separate groups with supervisors.


Recorded in the original language

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    You can pay for the course as soon as you receive your admission from the creator of the Vigraha School, Sergey Kurdyumov. You will be notified of your results by email.


    on the provision of training services

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    Ukraine, Mariupol                                20.08.2020

    Entrepreneur Kurdyumova Natalya Markivna, registered in the Unified State Register of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and public formations, recorded 2 274 000 0000 042781 from 21.09.2018. (hereinafter referred to as the “Contractor”), on the one hand, and any natural person who has full legal capacity and who has accepted this offer to conclude the Agreement (the offer) and by his actions has revealed his intention to join this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”), on the other hand, hereinafter jointly referred to as the “Parties” and each separately as a “Party” have concluded the present Agreement (the Offer) on the provision of training services in online courses (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”) as follows


    1.1. For the purpose of unambiguous interpretation, the following terms shall have the following meaning:

    1.1.1 Service/services are services in the organization of an educational process consisting of lecture cycles of two (2) semesters for the basic course and one (1) semester for elective courses, which are provided by the Contractor to the Customer during an online broadcast or by providing access for viewing the Record on the website The list of the Services for the relevant topics which are provided by the Contractor under the Agreement shall be determined on the website

    1.1.2 Acceptance of the offer – full and unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Agreement. The Customer by clicking the appropriate icon with the signature: “I accept the terms and conditions of the Public offer” on the website and pay for the Services of the Contractor by transferring funds to the operating account of the Contractor under the details specified in clause 12.

    1.1.3. Online broadcasting is specified unilaterally by the Contractor, date and time period, during which the Service is rendered for the corresponding discipline (program) by providing access to the Customer to the corresponding resource in the Internet through the link in the Customer personal cabinet to watch video broadcasting in real time. Information on the Online Broadcast is noted on the relevant page on the website

    1.1.4 Recording – a video recording on which the Service in the relevant discipline (programme) is provided. The Customer is provided with access to the respective resource on the Internet via a link in the Customer’s Personal Office for the period determined unilaterally by the Contractor in order to watch the video recording. Information about the Recording is noted on the relevant page on the website

    1.1.5. User is a natural person who has registered on the website

    1.1.6. A User who has paid for Services under this Agreement is a Customer.

    1.1.7. Contractor and Customer/User are together referred to as the Parties.

    1.1.8. User’s cabinet – a web page located on the website to which the User/Customer receives personal access (by personal Login, Password) after completing the registration procedure on the website

    1.2 In this Agreement terms not defined in clause 1.1 of the Agreement can be used. In this case the term shall be interpreted in accordance with the text of the Agreement. If there is no unambiguous interpretation of a term in the text of the Agreement, the interpretation of the term shall be used, which is determined primarily by the legislation of Ukraine, secondarily by the website ,then by the generally accepted interpretation that has already been established.


    2.1 The subject of this Agreement is relations of the Parties, under which the Contractor provides Services to the Customer by arrangement of corresponding Live Broadcasts or by providing access for watching the Recordings, and the Customer accepts and pays for the provided Services under the terms and conditions provided by this Agreement.

    2.2 When providing the Services under this Agreement the Contractor shall be entitled to engage third parties. Contractor shall be liable to Customer for actions of involved parties for providing Services as for its own.

    2.3 The Service provided via On-line broadcasting is considered to be provided in full if within 3 (three) calendar days after termination of On-line broadcasting the Customer has not sent by post to the address of the Executor marked in clause 12 and by email to:  a complaint, claim or comment concerning quality and completeness of the provided Service.

    2.4 The Service provided by providing access to viewing the Record or watching an Online Broadcast shall be deemed to have been provided in full after the Contractor has placed the Record in the User/Customer’s personal profile. The Contractor shall not be liable for the quality of the Internet connection channels, sites on which the Recordings files and the Customer’s software are placed.

    2.5 The service under the above-stated conditions is considered to be rendered to the Customer in full and the cost paid by the Customer will not be returned to the Customer.

    2.6 After having read the course, the Contractor shall give access to the Record of the whole course only upon payment in full. In the case of partial payment, access to the Course Record will not be granted.


    3.1 The Contractor is obliged:

    3.1.1 Provide Services to the User in accordance with the Agreement.

    3.1.2. Upon Customer’s request send to Customer the Service acceptance reports. To do this the Service Acceptance Acts shall be prepared and signed by the Contractor and sent to the Customer’s email address marked by the Customer. By the acceptance of the offer the Customer confirms the validity of the marked email address and guarantees to the Contractor his daily monitoring in order to track the receipt of messages from the Contractor. No complaints or comments about quality and completeness of the provided Service sent by email to the Contractor at indicate acceptance of the Service Acceptance Act (see clause 1.1.1.).

    3.1.3. To return the money to the Customer within 14 (fourteen) calendar days in the sum of 90% (ninety) of the paid by Customer sum in case the Customer in advance (not later than after the date of delivery of the first three (3) lectures and before the date of delivery of the fourth (fourth) lecture) has officially (in a letter or by email to has contacted the Contractor and informed of the conditions that make it impossible to view the Online Course Broadcasts and/or view the Course Recordings and applies for a refund of the money paid.

    3.2 Contractor has the right:

    3.2.1 To temporarily suspend the provision of the Services to the Customer due to technical or other reasons that interfere with the provision of the Services while these reasons are eliminated.

    3.2.2. Unilaterally suspend or terminate the Agreement, if the Customer breaches the obligations and guarantees according to this Agreement.

    3.2.3 To determine at its own discretion and unilaterally the date, format, time, topic, lecturers, duration and other conditions of the Online Broadcasts/Recordings through which the Service is provided, to cancel or postpone them notifying the Customer/User by email or text message to the contact email or phone number specified by the Customer during registration.

    3.2.4 Set and change the price, apply discount systems for Services unilaterally.

    3.2.5 To unilaterally change the format, place, date and time, as well as other conditions which concern the Online Broadcast/Recording. In case of changes, the Contractor shall notify the Customer/User by email or text message to the contact email address or phone number, indicated by the Customer during registration or in the Customer’s Telegram channel.

    3.2.6 To carry out the Online Broadcast both in real time and by granting the Customer access to view the Recordings. In the case of granting access to view the Recording, the Customer shall be subject to all, without exception, the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

    3.2.7 The Contractor shall have the right to refuse to provide the Service to the Customer without giving a reason at any time after the Customer has registered for the course. If the Customer has already paid for the Service, but it has not yet started, the Contractor shall be obliged to return the funds to the Customer in full.

    3.3 The Customer/User is obliged:

    3.3.1 Before the beginning of the Online Course Broadcasts, the Customer/User shall complete the registration procedure (group, course, elective course) and pay at least fifty per cent (50%) of the total course fee into the Contractor’s current account according to the details which will be sent to the Customer’s mail after specifying it in the acceptance of this Agreement or through the payment gateway on the website The User/Customer agrees to provide true, accurate and complete information about him/herself on the questions offered in the registration form. If the User/Customer provides untrue information or if the Contractor has reasons to believe that the information provided by the User/Customer is untrue, incomplete or inaccurate, the Contractor has the right to suspend or cancel the registration of the User/Customer and to refuse to provide the Services to the User/Customer.

    3.3.2. To pay by transferring money to the Contractor’s bank account according to details specified in clause 12 or through the payment gateway on the website  50% (fifty) of the total course cost (cost of one semester of studies): for applicants (first year of study) – no later than the dates of the first three (3) lectures of the course and before the date of the fourth (4th) lecture. Students (second year and over) – prior to the first lecture of the course.

    3.3.3 The remaining 50 per cent (fifty) of the total course fee (second semester) has to be paid to the Contractor’s bank account according to the details indicated in clause 12, or through the payment gateway on by February 1 of the current academic year.

    3.3.4 The Customer is not entitled to transfer or donate his rights under the Agreement to a third party for the purchased Courses without the consent of the Contractor.

    3.3.5 Not to violate the property, copyright, personal rights of the Contractor.

    3.3.6 To receive the Service, exclusively during the respective Online Broadcast, video recording, audio recording, text recording, for which the Customer has registered.

    3.3.7 In order to participate in the Online Broadcast and view the Recording, the Customer shall ensure that its personal device and the Internet requirements are suitable.

    3.3.8 Having ordered from the Contractor the Acceptance Act of the rendered services, to sign and send (at own expense) to the Contractor or to inform about the reasons which make this signing impossible. If within 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the date the Contractor sends the letter by post or by email the Customer does not send a written refusal or signed Acceptance Act of the services provided, it is considered that the Customer has signed the Acceptance Act of the services provided, the Service is provided in full, the Customer received them and has no complaints about the quality and volume. The Service shall be deemed to have been provided at the end of the Online Broadcast or when the Customer has been granted access to the relevant resource on the Internet through the link in the Personal Office to view the Recordings.

    3.3.9 To independently monitor possible changes in the format, date, time, venue, programme and other conditions concerning the Online Broadcast/Recording on the page of the respective Online Broadcast/Recording (for which the Customer has registered) on the website  and accept them in case of detection of changes.

    3.3.10. To monitor and prevent cases when emails sent by the Contractor from the email address  get into the spam folder. An electronic letter (message) sent by the Contractor to the electronic address (phone number) marked during registration by the User/Customer shall be considered as delivered to the Customer, and the information contained therein shall be accepted by the Customer.

    3.3.11. Notify the Contractor if within 24 (twenty-four) hours after the Customer has paid for the Service the registration confirmation letter has not arrived to the Customer’s e-mail.

    3.3.12. Customer is not entitled to copy text, audio and video materials of Online Broadcast/Recording in whole or in part, to make a video recording of Online Broadcast/Recording by copying video and audio from the screen and speakers or copying from the screen by video systems (telephone, video camera of any type), and to perform any other actions not directly provided by this Agreement. The Customer is obliged to use the information received during the Online Broadcast/Recording as well as the Personal link exclusively for their own purposes (for private use) and not to distribute or transfer this information or any part of it to third parties directly (quote) without reference to the original source.

    3.4 The User has the right:

    3.4.1.Demand information from the Contractor on matters which relate to the organisation and conduct of the Online Broadcast/Recording.


    4.1 The Parties shall carry out all necessary actions concerning maintenance of necessary operative communication (phone number, e-mail) at details specified by the Contractor in the Agreement and at details specified by the User during registration on the website

    4.2 In order to maintain communication the Customer is obliged to answer telephone calls and respond to emails within 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of their receipt.


    5.1 Contractor unilaterally defines cost and terms of Services by posting information about them on his website The fixed price and terms of Services remain in force until the next modification on the website

    5.2 Contractor independently establishes the possibility and cost of Services by transferring money to the Contractor’s account according to the details given in clause 12.

    5.3 Payment for the Service is made in Ukrainian Hryvnias by bank transfer or online payment via the payment gateway on the website After selecting a discipline the Customer prepares an application for training in which the number of the group, course or elective course is determined. Then the Customer pays for the Service by transferring funds to the current account of the Contractor from the Customer’s account or by using bank cards and other payment methods according to the details specified in clause 12 or through the payment gateway on the website



    6.1. For non-performance or improper performance of his obligations the Parties shall be liable in accordance with the terms of the Agreement and provisions of the current legislation of Ukraine.

    6.2. The Contractor shall be liable for actions of the third parties engaged by it for rendering the Service in accordance with clause 2.2.

    6.3. Any breach of Clause 3.3.11 of this Agreement by Customer shall be deemed a breach of Contract as a result of which Customer loses the right to use any Services of Contractor in the future, including paid services. The Customer shall be obliged to compensate all losses and lost profits of the Contractor in full amount as a result of violation of this Agreement. For any transfer of information received by Customer in connection with performance of this Agreement, including, but not limited to making copying or distribution of Online Broadcast Recordings or their fragments without previous written permission of Contractor, unless otherwise provided by this Agreement, Customer shall pay to Contractor a fine in the amount of course value by which the damage was caused to Contractor.

    6.4 The Contractor shall not be liable for the inability of the Customer to participate in the Online Broadcast which arose due to reasons beyond the Contractor’s control, including the failure of the Customer to comply with the clause p. 3.3.8 of this Agreement.

    6.5 The Contractor is not liable for inconsistency of the content of the Online Broadcast/Recording with the Participant’s personal expectations. The content of the Online Broadcast/Recording represents the author’s programmes and conclusions of the lecturers, which may not coincide with the personal beliefs and conclusions of the Customer.

    6.6 Under no circumstances and under no circumstances shall the Contractor be liable for any decisions made by the Customer or third parties based on the information obtained from the Online Broadcast/Recording, audio or text media.

    6.7 The parties shall be released from responsibility for full or partial non-performance of their obligations under the Agreement in the event of force majeure circumstances, occurring after the signing of this Agreement. Force majeure circumstances include natural disasters, strikes, changes in the current legislation of Ukraine, decisions of decision-making bodies, declaration of war, commencement of hostilities, siege, embargo, international sanctions. The Party for which force majeure has occurred is obliged within 72 (seventy two) hours from the moment of their occurrence and documentary evidence to notify the other Party of such facts and indicate an approximate duration of such force majeure. The proper proof of force majeure circumstances is a certificate of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine at the place of occurrence of such circumstances or at the place of location of the Party which refers to such circumstances. In case of force majeure circumstances, the period of fulfilment of the Parties’ obligations under this Agreement continues for the period of existence of the force majeure.


    7.1 All disputes arising out of or relating to this Contract shall be settled by means of negotiations between the Parties. If the respective dispute cannot be settled through negotiations, it shall be settled in a court according to established jurisdiction and competence of such dispute according to the Ukrainian legislation in force and conditions of the present Contract.


    8.1 The Contractor shall be obliged to observe the conditions of confidentiality in relation to the Customer’s personal data in accordance with the Law of Ukraine.

    8.2 Each of the Parties confirms that:

    8.2.1. It has all the powers under the applicable laws of Ukraine and the constituent documents to enter into this Agreement;

    8.2.2. There are no restrictions on conclusion of the Agreement by Party (signing by the Party’s representative);

    8.2.3. The terms of the Agreement are clear and meet the real agreement of the Parties;

    8.2.4. The Parties agree to perform their contractual obligations in accordance with the laws of Ukraine and the norms of international law.


    9.1 The Offer shall be valid from the moment of posting on the Internet at  and shall be valid until the withdrawal or modification of the Offer by the Contractor.


    10.1 The Agreement shall enter into force upon acceptance of the offer by the Customer and shall remain in force until all obligations of the Parties have been fulfilled, or until its termination by agreement of the Parties or on the initiative of one of the Parties in the manner prescribed in the Agreement.

    10.3 The Agreement may be terminated:

    10.3.1. By agreement of the Parties at any time;

    10.3.2. at the initiative of either Party in case of breach of provisions of this Agreement by the other Party with mandatory written (via email) notice to the other Party;

    10.3.3. at the initiative of either Party with a written (email) notice to the other Party 15 (fifteen) calendar days prior to the termination of the Agreement.

    10.4. The Party which has received a proposal to change this Agreement shall, within ten (10) calendar days from the date of receipt of the proposal, notify the other Party of the results of its consideration.

    10.5. Termination or termination of the Agreement shall not release the Parties from the performance of the obligations that arose before or at the time of termination or termination of the Agreement.


    11.1 Any additions to the Agreement may be forwarded by the Customer to the Contractor at the address provided by the Contractor in clause 12 “Party Details” of this Agreement, by the Contractor to the Customer at the email address provided by the Customer upon registration, or in a letter via national postal service operator.

    11.2 Possible non-conformity of one or more provisions of the Agreement shall not entail invalidity of the entire Agreement or its separate parts, which shall remain valid.

    11.3 The right of the Client and the Contractor to conclude the Service Agreement at any time in the form of a separate written bilateral document does not constitute a breach of the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

    11.4 In the cases not regulated by the Agreement the Parties shall be governed by the current legislation of Ukraine.

    11.5. The Contractor is a payer of the single tax of the second group.

    11.6. The Customer gives his consent to the Contractor for processing and use of personal data which may become known to him while performing the conditions of the Agreement in accordance with the Law of Ukraine On Protection of Personal Data.

    11.7. By signing this Agreement the Customer also agrees that in case of using of the electronic digital signature in the document flow in the relations with the Contractor within the execution of this Agreement the Parties have agreed to use such electronic digital signature in the manner and on the conditions provided by the Law of Ukraine “On electronic digital signature”. At the same time, the Parties have agreed that if the electronic digital signature is used, the additional use of seal (electronic seal) for the documents within the execution of this Agreement is not necessary.


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    5.3 The Company reserves the right to exchange information with individuals and state authorities for the following purposes:

    fight against fraud and assault on the Site;

    investigating alleged violations of the law or combating any other alleged violations of the services User Agreement.

    5.4. The Company may provide personal user data to the requests of the competent authorities issued in accordance with the requirements of the law, in particular under Article 93 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine.

    5.5. According to the Privacy Policy, the Company agrees and undertakes not to lease or sell any personal User data. In case the Company’s business or a part of it will be sold or reorganized, and the Company transfers all or practically all its assets to the new owner, the personal user data can be transferred to the sold-to party to provide the Site service continuity.

    5.6. The Company may transfer certain impersonal information (data that do not allow to identify Users individually) to third party service providers, trusted partners or authorized researchers in order to understand better what advertising or services may get Users interested, to improve the overall quality and efficiency of services on the Site or service, or to provide own contribution to scientific researches, which, in the opinion of the Company, may bring great social benefits.

    5.7. The Company may transfer the information that it collects to third parties that provide services to the Company for the purpose of research, or to provide services to Users, however the transferred data is the subject of this Privacy Policy, and involved third parties have no right to use the received information rather than to provide services to the Company.

    5.8. In cases of communication of personal data provided by this section 5 of the Privacy Policy, keeping the User informed about the communication of his personal data is left to the discretion of the Company.


    6.1 Access, Correction and Deletion: Users who have created an account or posted advertisements on the Site may access, correct or delete the information they provide. The User is responsible for the accuracy of the data provided, or messages on the Site. If the User’s account was created through an identification provider (e.g. Facebook Connect), the User can also disable or change the account data through the settings of the identification provider (e.g. on Uploaded information may be changed or deleted upon User request. The Company may terminate the processing of User’s personal data if the User has received a written recall notice of consent to the personal data processing.

    6.2. Choice of external parties: some external parties acting on the website, e.g. Google Adwords, allow users to withdraw their consent to the collection and use their data for advertising purposes based on the activity of the users. For more information and choices, please visit

    6.3 Cookies: Most master desktop and mobile web browsers (e.g. Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera) provide controls that allow the user to restrict or block the installation of Cookies on your software system. Please note that disabling Cookies for the first category domains (visited sites) and other domains (sites linked to visited sites) may in some cases result in limited functionality for those sites.

    6.4. Other Users rights in connection with the processing of their personal data by the Company:

    6.4.1. to know about the location of the personal database containing user’s personal data of, its purpose and name, the location of the owner and personal data controllers or give the appropriate order to obtain this information by authorized users of the Site to persons, except as expressly provided by law;

    6.4.2. to receive information on terms of granting access to personal data, including information on third parties which receive transferred user’s personal data of the Website;

    6.4.3. to access their personal data;

    6.4.4. to receive, not later than thirty calendar days as from the date of the request, except as provided by law, an answer as to whether his personal data is processed, and to receive the content of such personal data;

    6.4.5. to make an informative request to the owner of personal data with an argument against the processing of personal data;

    6.4.6. to present an informative change or destruction request of the personal data by the owner and / or the personal data processor if these data are manipulated illegally or  data are suspect;

    6.4.7. right to defense personal data from illegal processing and accidental loss, destruction, damaging due to concealment, withhold or delayed submission of personal data, as well as to protect from providing information that is untrustworthy or discredit honor, dignity and business reputation;

    6.4.8. to address complaints about processing of personal data with the public authorities and officials whose powers include providing of personal data protection or with the court;

    6.4.9. to apply means of legal defence in case of a breach of legislation conserning personal data protection;

    6.4.10. to withdraw consent to personal data processing;

    6.4.11. to know the mechanism of automated personal data processing;

    6.4.12. right to defense against automated decision which has legal consequences for the Site users.

    1. SECURITY.

    7.1 All information that we collect is reasonably protected by technical means and security procedures in order to prevent unauthorised access or data abuse.


    8.1 This Privacy Policy was last updated on 13.02.2019. The Company may update this Privacy Policy occasionally, the new version of the Privacy Policy will come into effect as of the moment it is distributed via the Internet at the URL specified in this paragraph, unless authorized by the new version of the Privacy Policy. The current version of the Privacy Policy is always available at

    8.2 In case the Company has made any changes to the Privacy Policy the User does not agree with, he shall be obliged to stop using the Site services. The fact of continuation of use of the Site is indicative of the consent and acceptance of the amended edition of the Privacy Policy by the User.