Warning! Due to the large flow of consultees, waiting in line takes quite a long time – from 1 month to two years.

For Solar consultation please get in a line no later than half a year before your birthday.

Consultations are not held on weekdays after 7 PM and on weekends.

Please be patient and be sympathetic.

Astrological counseling is conducted in three modes:

I. THREE-HOUR MODE (takes 3 HOURS or more)

  1. The first part helps to define general terminology and adjusts the consultant to the perception of new information for oneself.
  2. The second part represents the analysis of the whole horoscope through in terms of the vector of life purport, based on the information obtained in part “1”.
  3. Part three is “HOT-SEAT” – answers to specific questions not answered in parts 1 and 2.


This part is less extended in time and finance, but less informative and does not give a coherent picture. As usual, it make sense to order such consultation already at return visit, having prepared perception and certain knowledge in understanding of interpretation of the natal chart.

98% of initial consultations are conducted in the first mode.

The choice of mode depends entirely on you!

III. SOLAR MODE (takes 2 hours)

Defines the day and time of your birth in the current year. In other words, it calculates your personal New Year’s Eve with a forecast for the coming year, allowing you to analyze your personal year from five perspectives:

  • year summary
  • potentials of the year
  • what exactly does it take for these potencies to open up?
  • highest point of the year
  • losses this year

* During this consultation, the technique of desire formation and optimization is also discussed. At this unique time, from an astrological point of view, the universe is ready to give you a gift. And it is important to know the rules by which it works, at least in order not to hurt yourself.

It is recommended to do Solar (do the calculations) 1.5 – 3 months before your birthday, so that you have time to prepare and select a place to meet your birthday. In other words, your “optimal” geographic location at the time of your birthday will help to avoid or correct for adverse events in the coming new personal year. Such an unusual, conscious birthday meeting has a significant impact on the alternative course of life events.

In order to receive this consultation, you should already know the exact time of your birth and apply in advance (6 months in advance), marked in the column “topic of consultation” “SOLAR”.

  • Before the counselling, we recommend the workshop: “SAMSARA. The 4 Stages of Life. The 4 Stages of Death”. Reviewing and working through the information from this workshop will help you to form a list of questions and prepare you for the answers.
    As the waiting list moves slowly, from one to six months to a year, you will have plenty to do while you are waiting for your consultation, and it is a great opportunity to adjust your mind, collect your thoughts, find the most important topics and answer simple questions yourself, which will significantly broaden your view of yourself and the world at large, and will free up your consultation time for a deeper analysis of your chart.

    • You need to identify the issues that concern you and accompany them with all the necessary data to make the calculations. For example, if your question concerns a relationship with someone – you should prepare in advance and add to the questionnaire the data on him/her: (name and surname, date, place and, if possible, time of birth).

    Try to be as specific as possible and rank the questions in terms of importance to you. Remember, the question is the answer. The more serious and profound your mood and your meditation before the consultation are, the more effective the consultation will be for you.

  • If you are consulting for the first time, you should go through the procedure of RECTIFICATION (clarification / determination) of the time of birth. This is the basis for an accurate horoscope. The procedure is done only once and does not have to be repeated. With Sergey Kurdyumov, the rectification usually takes from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

    To facilitate the process of rectification, you need to add to the form the main dates of your biography, namely (your choice):
    – dates of birth / death: children, parents, grandparents, brothers / sisters – marriage / divorce – dates of purchase of real estate and means of transport (according to the certificate) – enrolment / graduation – dates of operations, serious injury

Prepare the space and free up your time

We recommend that you find a place as private as possible for an extended meeting with the astrologer. You should not be distracted or made uncomfortable by anyone. Astrology is about inclusion in the flow of information, the natal chart is information, and the astrologer is the conduit of information, the interpreter-analyst. Both the counsellor and the astrologer work together. It’s hard to explain, but you can easily grasp it in a counseling session. So any distractions create a nuisance, there is a risk of missing something important. Have your pen, paper and recorder ready and allow yourself to take a journey into the depths of time in comfort. Throughout the consultation we will work with a person’s most precious resource – Time, your personal time.

TWO very important recommendations:

  1. Record the consultation with a voice recorder or, if you consult via skype, you can video-record the consultation through third-party applications
  2. As soon as possible after the consultation, be sure to make a detailed note of this recording, upload it to your phone and carry it with you, periodically rereading it.

Payment is made upon consultation and is calculated according to the time spent and services rendered.

The cost of 1 hour of consultation:

100 USD/hour (recalculated at the current rate of NBU)

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