Sergey Kurdyumov

Lecturer in numerology, astrology, chiromancy, psychosomatics, physiognomy.

Founder and mastermind of Vigraha school of predictive disciplines.

Specialist in modern and ancient medicine, Ayurveda, psychosomatics, Eastern and Western astrology, numerology, chiromancy, physiognomy. Numerous educational and social projects aimed at providing psychological, counselling and targeted material assistance are developed and launched on the basis of the school.

Sergey Kurdyumov is involved in educational activities, regularly visiting cities of Ukraine, neighbouring and distant foreign countries with lectures, seminars and trainings. He lectures on family relations, conflictology, healthy lifestyle, life and death, spirituality and public speaking. He is keen on the interpretation of fairy tales as well as history.

His most popular lecture series are: «Samsara. From Death to Birth. From Birth to Liberation»  and its practical sequel «Thanatotherapy», «Ayurveda. Instructions for Exploiting Your Own Body», «Man and Woman. Who are they?», «Fairy tales», «The Art of Public Presentations».

He positively talks about complicated topics with just the right amount of humour.

Dmitry Kulaga

Teacher of Ayurveda, Germanic new medicine, universal philosophy of life.

Specialist in modern and ancient medicine, Ayurvedic diagnosis, therapy and marma vidya. Dmitry is a Jyotish Avesta astrologer, psychologist.

He is engaged in clinical, preventive and educational activities and has a private practice. Graduated from Luhansk State Medical University in 1995. 1997 he received an internship in dermatovenerology specialty, worked as a doctor in the state agencies, since 2002 – private medical practice (medical centre in Mariupol), was trained by Ogulov A. on visceral chiropractic, by Gotovsky Y. and Samokhin A. on methods of bioresonance diagnostics and therapy at the MEI, graduated from the school “U-Vey”.

He studied Ayurvedic medicine with Avramenko Y.  and Zalis O.; got initiation in Gaudiya-Vaishnavism tradition in 2011.

Since 2011 has been actively studying and collaborating with Vetrov I. in terms of learning the methods of Ayurvedic diagnostics, therapy and marma vidya; since 2014 works in the “Dhanvantari” centre in Saint-Petersburg.

Since 2008 has been active in enlightening work in terms of popularising applied Vedic knowledge.

Currently resides and works in Kyiv.

Alexander Ratsenko

Vastu Shastra lecturer.

Alexander is a Vastu expert – specialist in harmonious architecture.

He is a psychologist, facilitator of educational programmes and trainings in the field of personal development. He has 4 higher education degrees and 15 years of extensive experience in the construction industry, including as a major project manager.

He is trained by the first masters of India, among them Dr. Sahasrabhudhe, Dr. Prabhat Poddar. Alexander Ratsenko devoted 15 years to study Vastu technology, as a result of which Dr. Ganapati Sthapati, the sculptor, traditional architect, world renowned specialist and winner of the highest state award in India Padma Bhushan, became his Guru. From him he received direct approval for imparting knowledge.

Conducted consultancy and educational activities. He has successfully implemented a number of Vastu building projects and is also involved in many social projects (VastuProject, Psychology 3000 and others).

Larikov Evgeny

Numerology and regressology teacher at Vigraha School.

Consultant in astrology, numerology and past life regression.

Student at Vigraha School. Mentor of the junior course. Married, has 3 children. From childhood he was fascinated by the theme of esotericism, even then the contact with the subtle world and the Vedic culture began to form. In 2002 he became acquainted with and fully embraced the Vedic culture. Has Brahmanical initiation in Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya-sampradaya. Has been active in public education since the 2000s. Organizer and lecturer of the Vedic Club project. Manager of the Vaishnava community in Pavlograd. Conducts lectures on: a healthy lifestyle, spiritual development, family relations, patrimonial programmes, Bhakti yoga, Mantra meditation.

Plays musical instruments.
Together with his wife he founded a family club for spiritual arts and esoterics “Art Yoga Centre” in Pavlograd.
His main values in life are Bhakti Yoga, balance between spirituality and substance, acceptance of Kin, family, children, individual development and spiritual practice.
Has initiation by H.E. Srila Indradyumna Swami Maharaj.
His teachers are: -Kurdyumov Sergey (in astrology, numerology, totemology).
-Hamzin D. (in regression)
Evgeny takes inspiration from Hakimov A. (Chaitanya Chandra Charan Das.), Izmailov E. (Sadhu Swami), Mahatma Pr.

Kirill Krayev

Numerology teacher at Vigraha School.

Consultant in numerology and astrology.

Student at Vigraha School. Junior course supervisor. The best curator of the year. Engaged in self-knowledge and research of a person’s inner structure, study of sub-personalities, motives of behaviour, life attitudes and stereotypes.

Introduction to esoteric sciences began with the works of Carlos Castaneda and Vadim Zeland. In the course of time the desire to get to know the studied material from another, more subtle side was growing. That was how he became acquainted with Vedic knowledge and its multifaceted profound philosophy. Which in turn strengthened the desire to be cosmopolitan and to explore all paths to truth.

He is constantly finding things he has learned in the world around him and taking the knowledge through personal experience. Lectures on the laws of the universe as reflected in a human and his life. Helps those who ask questions and seek answers to them, to understand themselves, to see their way to happiness and to understand how to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from achieving what they want. Specialises in the transformation of human nature, finding the optimal path of behaviour in harmony with the great laws of being.

His teacher in Astrology, Numerology, Totemology is Sergey Kurdyumov. His ideological and spiritual inspirers are Hakimov A. (Chaitanya Chandra Charan das.), Vyacheslav Ruzov (Patita Pavana das.), S. Kurdyumov (Sarvasatya das.), Nanda Bihari pr, Abessalom Podvodny and many others.