A Wise Man Rules By The Stars,
A Fool Is Ruled By Them.

Divine means predictive sciences which help to learn the world around and know yourself,
to become better by your own and only afterwards to help others.


The concept of Vigraha has several levels and deep meanings. GRAHA is a planet. And our material world is under the influence of these Grahas. First of all, we are talking about nine Grahas – nine planets of the solar system (seven manifested and two unmanifested – Rahu and Ketu). VIGRAHA is the highest planet. Therefore, our challenge is to come to the most important thing in life after we gain insight into Grahas – the material existence. Come to the Vigraha – the higher world, spirituality.

VIGRAHA is also one of the names of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.


Starting to learn divine – esoteric disciplines, we recall the basic laws, the basic requirements that apply to a person. First of all, we ourselves learn to be human. A certain purity, moral principles, etiquette and above all a philosophy of understanding what is happening are vital for us. Since as obtaining esoteric knowledge without spiritual discipline develops an immense pride in the human heart.

“What is the difference between a priest and an astrologer? The priest helps to deliver people’s requests to God by means of a prayer. Whereas an astrologer helps people understand what God wants from them.” (c)
Alexander Shutov
It is very important to understand philosophy, techniques can be always learned. Many books, lectures and seminars on the subject are available, especially now. Therefore, during the first two years of study, we carefully perfect the philosophy of predictive disciplines, study the laws of karma and how they work in practice. Since the focal point is not only to see the problem, a way out is needed to be find and most importantly – it’s essential to get message across to the person.

“Whatever is well conceived is clearly said” (c)
Nicola Boileau

In our school, we don’t look up to the forward, that is, to those who quickly digest the material, but to the underachiever. That means, we are analyzing the material until the entire group levels out as a certain energoinformational element, like an egregore. Because each course has its own energetics and each of those gathered on the course is unique, important and necessary.

The general idea of ​​the school is to spread goodness, to spread Vedic knowledge all over the world. Knowledge about how to be happy. And the goal of our school is to create alliances of like-minded people in every city and every village, which would apply this message in life and spread it. Another aspect is to organize practical astropsychological aid to those people who need such a support. Because today there are many psychologists, but there is no practical and real help. Our task is to help people using knowledge of astrology, psychology, Ayurveda, etc. to deal with the challenges in their lives.

The criterion of properly acquired knowledge of predictive disciplines is a happy life, well-balanced relationship, a rational psychology. If we solve our own problems in harmony, the world around us also becomes happy. Just because the state of happiness is primarily determined by relations with people around us.



Studying at School ‘Vigraha’ is a chance to become not only an astrologer-consultant! This is a unique opportunity to understand yourself, learn the secrets of the laws of the universe, find like-minded people, learn how to provide psychological support, improve relationships in the family and with loved ones, become closer to God and, as a result, become happier.

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It is important to understand that counselling is not just a conversation and communication, it is a sacrament. Counselling is a certain ritual, an action that is meant to change a person’s life for the better. It is a process of transferring knowledge. And the transfer of knowledge without certain laws, without certain concepts is impossible.


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The history of the school

The Vigraha School has now set a clear course for training professionals and for continuous professional development

Initially Sergey Gennadievich read the “At-home astrologer” course in Mariupol. It was an introductory course. Yes, it was interesting, not in-depth, but sufficient for home use. But once, after a lecture in one of the Ukrainian cities, a student came to Sergey Gennadievich and asked him to read a short course on astrology. At first it was unclear how anyone could lecture on astrology over the internet! Still, it was decided to give it a try.

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Two hours of work with a natal horoscope replaces weeks, if not months, of psychoanalysis

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