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New enrolment in Vigraha School for numerology course (2022-2023)

Each of us learns to read and write, at least a bit of drawing, a bit of singing, and have an idea of rudiments of music. Like these, knowledge of the esoteric disciplines is essentially the basic level of a civilized person. In order to be able to read not only what is written in the book, but also the signs that Destiny gives us on the road of our life. We are looking at weather forecasts for something, aren’t we? We don’t want to be caught by surprise in the pouring rain or frost, do we? So astrological and numerological forecasts allow us to see, what waits for us? Where can you build a safety net? Where is it more harmonious to pass those trials which will fatally occur in our destiny?

The course starts from the very basics, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve had any previous experience of the predictive disciplines. For those who already have some knowledge, it will be interesting and informative to delve into deep philosophy, unique techniques as well as general issues relating to esoteric knowledge.

Why numerology?

Many students who come to our school often have the question: «Can we skip Numerology and study Astrology right away? ». The answer is definitely «No».

First of all, Numerology is not so simple, and when students start to get into it, they understand its versatility, depth, and ability to take the information it provides. Just knowing your date of birth, first name and surname can provide a wealth of information for a deep analysis.

However, we study it as much in depth also since numerological techniques are much easier than astrological ones. And bracing against these simpler formulas, than in astrology, we study philosophy of predictive disciplines during numerology lessons. If you don’t understand philosophy, you’ll never get serious information. Our school has a so-called 12-ray numerological crystal. It’s quite magnifical amount of information that Numbers can give us.

What do I need to enroll in a numerology course?

All those who wish to learn should provide their data:


This information is needed in order to clarify: does a person have access, permission from on high to study these sciences? Will a particular person be harmed by this knowledge?

The study of esoteric sciences should be approached with utmost seriousness and responsibility. It can be of great help and do severe damage to personality alike. Therefore, before becoming a student, you should undergo an “absentee interview” in the form of a birth data analysis.

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