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तेनास्य तादृशं राजँ लिङ्गिनो देहसम्भवम् ।
श्रद्धत्स्वाननुभूतोऽर्थो न मनः स्प्रष्टुमर्हति ॥६५॥

тенасйа тадришам раджан лингино деха-самбхавам

шраддхатсвананубхуто ‘ртхо на манах спраштум архати

“Therefore, my dear King, the living entity, who has a subtle mental covering, develops all kinds of thoughts and images because of his previous body. Take this from me as certain. There is no possibility of concocting anything mentally without having perceived it in the previous body.”

Srimad Bhagavatam. Canto 4. chapter 29 text 65

What is past life regression?

Each of us, in one way or another, has had to wonder what really happens to a person before birth and after death. Why do we come as formed individuals and why are we so different? Why do we have the same dreams and experiences? Why do our relatives sometimes behave towards us very cruelly and sometimes unfairly, and why do the words Destiny and Karma have ceased to soothe us and act as an anaesthetic? Why, after 10-15 years of spiritual practice, am I still not satisfied?

REGRESSOLOGY, taken literally, is going backwards, it is the science of studying our previous memories forgotten and erased by our consciousness, the perinatal period, previous lives, or the world of souls. It is an opportunity not only to go to the original code of sin, the seed that gives suffering in the present, but also to rethink and do the work, to eliminate the cause for living the present in harmony.

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Hypnotic regression course syllabus:

  • References to the Scriptures, world experience, application in everyday life.
  • An introduction to regression. What is the Tetta rhythm?
  • Briefly about the structure of the subtle body.
  • Structure of the world and the world of souls, through the prism of Regressology.
  • Topics, illnesses, fears to work with.
  • Safety techniques, how to protect yourself and the client; with who and what topics the practice does not work.
  • Basic techniques that expand the channels of perception.
  • Non-standard situations during the session.
  • Acquaintance with soul guides, soul mates and karmic souls, subtleties of relations with them.
  • What is the space of options and how to work with it?
  • Journey in consciousness to the past, to the perinatal period, to the recollection of the present life.
  • Structure of the consultation: before, during and after the practice.
  • Combination of additional techniques in consultation: Jyotish, Avestan Astrology, Numerology, patrimonial programmes.
  • Journey along the lifeline of other souls.
  • Structure of a session of immersion into the past life, the main stages of the process of immersion, important and significant moments that require special attention.
  • Treatment of diseases through subtle body immersion.
  • Homework, practice in groups and work on mistakes.

«Death is very likely the single best invention of life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.»

Steve Jobs

How does the course work?


12 meetings ~ 24 hours ONLINE on the ZOOM platform. Instructions for using ZOOM are here


Class recordings will be available in personal accounts on the Vigraha School website


You will have online support, a group for discussing your lessons on Telegram


Everyone will receive at least 2 regressions (all depending on the size of the group). After each experiential session there is a general debriefing of the session


The course is open to anyone who has previously practiced regression with Larikov E. or another competent therapist. Admission to the course will be by personal interview.


Combining numerology, astrology and past-life regression as a single practice. After basic classes – 4 weeks of group follow-up, answering questions Recruitment is closed for this semester


I want to study

Who this course is for and its benefits.

This course will be unique and useful in its own way for people who are looking for practical experience of life, before life and afterlife. Who is looking for answers to the questions: why do repeated fateful events happen to us all the time, but their solution is not given easily?

We often look for absolute truth, God, purification and truth somewhere far away – in mountains, monasteries, at the confluence of rivers, etc. Forgetting that all our secrets, pain, answers and finally God themselves are within, we can begin the real journey by exploring the universe within ourselves.

This course is designed for seekers and reflectors. Those who have just embarked on the path of enlightenment and have been on the path for a long time and consider themselves experienced, but are a little confused by religious dogmas and formulaic phrases. We will talk about God and the soul, destiny and what preceded it, hell and the world of souls, curses and patrimonial programmes. We will have both theoretical and practical experience.  You will not hear anything new, but you will live differently. The purpose – to deal with difficult issues, finding ourselves, finding faith and restoring the original relationship with ourselves, the world and God.

Who is interested in the question of mystery, birth and death, the sacrament of keeping memories? Is there a personal guardian angel, soulmates? This is an outsider’s view of human life, a small experience behind the shell of conditioning.

About the course author

Larikov Evgeny

Consultant in astrology, numerology and past life regression.

Married, has 3 children. From childhood he was fascinated by the theme of esotericism, even then the contact with the subtle world and the Vedic culture began to form. In 2002 he became acquainted with and fully embraced the Vedic culture. Has Brahmanical initiation in Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya-sampradaya. Has been active in public education since the 2000s. Organizer and lecturer of the Vedic Club project. Manager of the Vaishnava community in Pavlograd. Conducts lectures on: a healthy lifestyle, spiritual development, family relations, patrimonial programmes, Bhakti yoga, Mantra meditation.

Plays musical instruments.
Together with his wife he founded a family club for spiritual arts and esoterics “Art Yoga Centre” in Pavlograd.
His main values in life are Bhakti Yoga, balance between spirituality and substance, acceptance of Kin, family, children, individual development and spiritual practice.
Has initiation by H.E. Srila Indradyumna Swami Maharaj.
His teachers are: -Kurdyumov Sergey (in astrology, numerology, totemology).
-Hamzin D. (in regression)
Evgeny takes inspiration from Hakimov A. (Chaitanya Chandra Charan Das.), Izmailov E. (Sadhu Swami), Mahatma Pr.

What does a regression hypnosis course offer?

  • The opportunity to conduct your first regressions under the guidance of a teacher.
  • Theta-rhythm immersion sessions during the course.
  • The complete theory required for the sessions.
  • Practical experience of past life memories.
  • Journey into the world of souls and meet the soul mentor.
  • Analysis of natal charts and numerological crystals.
  • An experience of combining Numerology, Astrology and Regressology as one practice.
  • A clear picture of the existence of the subtle world and the laws of the universe.
  • Will eliminate or reduce fear of the future and death.
How can we know what death is when we do not yet know what life is?

So let’s get to know life!

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Important! Please be understanding.

The course is open to anyone who has previously practiced regression with Larikov E. or another competent therapist. Admission to the course will be by personal interview or counseling before the course begins.

Anyone wishing to apply for a regression session can do so before the second lesson of the course.


Since the technique itself gives keys to the innermost areas of consciousness and has karmic implications, there is a need to ascertain the qualifications and motives of the person entering so that they are not disappointed at the time and resources wasted.



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